Dapper Dan Pomade Review

Hair is one of the parts of your body that is bound to get easily noticed whenever someone else looks at you. Good well-kept hair will speak volumes about you. Some even say that one’s personality can be determined by the choice of hairstyle. The pomade Dapper Dan is one hair product that will guarantee clear results on your hair and also give you that rustic feeling of living back in the 20’s. The product rose to fame after it was mentioned in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou’ where George Clooney’s character insists on Dapper Dan and refuses to settle for any other pomade. This medium based pomade will provide good flexibility that will enable you to restyle your hair the way you want while holding it in place for about 30 minutes.

Dapper Dan Pomade

Product details;

• Available in 100ml
• Fresh and sweet pineapple scent
• Comes with a flexible hold
• Water-based
• Medium hold

Where to buy Dapper Dan

The product can be purchased on Amazon for as little as $18. The price is relatively low for a product that offers such remarkable results.

Benefits of using the pomade

1. Visible results

Whether you use it on dry or wet hair, it will still guarantee you remarkable and visible results to give your hair that desired sleek look. If used on dry hair; the pomade will leave the hair looking sleek with a good natural glow. For wet hair, multiple styles can be achieved. The glow is made possible by the product’s castor oil ingredient. The more you pomade apply on your hair, the better glow you get.

2. You can restyle your hair without washing

This is made possible by the water-based formula that enables you to restyle your hair without washing it. You are only required to wet your hair first then comb it according to the style you wish to achieve.

3. Easy to wash off

Since the pomade is water based, it can be easily washed off without leaving any visible residue. All you will need to do is wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and rinse it properly. It is as easy as that.

4. Delightful scent

The pomade will not only make you look good, but leave you smelling good as well. It comes with a nice pineapple scent that lasts for the whole day.

5. Long lasting effects

The pomade once applied can last for up to 8 hours straight with the effects still visible.

How to apply pomade to your hair

Utilize 2 to 3 fingers to apply pomade on your hair. If more shine on your hair is what you are looking for, then it is advisable to use a large amount. Remember the more pomade you use, the shinier your hair will be. You can also apply pomade without washing your hair; just make sure you wet your hair a little before you do it.


One of the main pros about this product is that it washes off easily after application. As opposed to other products that would take weeks before you actually get it off completely from your hair. The pomade also doesn’t harden your hair like most water-based products. Furthermore, the pomade’s delightful scent is something most men would like. The scent is sweet and fresh.


The pomade isn’t light but rather medium hold. This for most people isn’t strong enough. It will hold for about 8 hours straight, then it starts to wear off gradually and you will be forced to keep restyling your hair. Another con of the product is that, it offers very little shine on your hair. It may work perfectly for those who want a matte vintage look but end up disappoint those who prefer good shiny hair.


The Pomade is no doubt an excellent product. It will guarantee a nice hold of your hair for quite a long period of time. For those who have straight or wavy hair and are looking for a product that will help them achieve a nice medium natural look, then look no further. You will be amazed by the stunning results the pomade gives to you.The Pomade is one hair product that will guarantee clear results on your hair. This pomade will go a long way in getting you that desired vintage look.

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