Imperial Classic Pomade Review

imperial classic pomade review

When it comes to men’s grooming, there is one product that swiftly comes to mind: imperial. This classic pomade has already gained the reputation of being one of the strongest holding, water based pomades on the market.

It is the unique formulation of this product that makes it the first choice for the vast majority of people. It is therefore necessary for us to provide a detailed imperial classic review; with a view to getting anyone to appreciate the pomade.

imperial pomade review

Pomade Specs:

  • Industrial Strength
  • Water-Based
  • Applies smoothly and even
  • Semi-Sheen
  • Water Reactivatable
  • Rinses clean and easy

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Water Based

Being a water-based product, the imperial barber classic pomade comes with numerous advantages. The first is that the pomade can easily be washed out with ordinary water. It also common knowledge that water based pomades dry easily.

But most importantly, since the product is not greasy, the chances of developing skin infections such as acne are very remote—if not impossible. It is also more flexible in that the hair can be restyled at any time throughout the day by simply making the hair most and adjusting to the desired style.

Strong Hold

There is hardly any product that matches the imperial classic pomade when it comes to hold strength. The strength of the hold depends on the quantity of the pomade that is applied and the how wet the hair is when it is used.

best hair pomade for men
Here’s how it looks on a fresh cut!

However, whenever a reasonable amount is applied, it becomes difficult to comb in just 30 minutes. The hold this pomade provides lasts throughout the entire day. Even you are caught in the rain and the hair gets a bit wet, you can rest assured that the hold will be restored as soon as the hair dries out.

No flakes

It is also important that this classic product does not cause flaking in your hair. There are several other products that are notorious for causing flakes in our hair. This problem is even worse when the pomade is oil based or when the hair is already infected with dandruff.

Whatever is the case, it is a good to know that the imperial classic barber pomade does not cause flaking in any way.

Pleasant smell

No one wishes to use any pomade that makes their hair to smell bad. But it is even more common to find people who do not want pomades with a very strong scent. However, the imperial barber classic pomade lies somewhere between those two extremes.

It gives off a good smell when the jar is opened and leaves a mild, fruity fragrance on the hair. This makes it the ideal pomade to use when going for business meetings or in a work environment.

Moderate sheen

Not everyone would love their hair to be very glossy—the kind of finish that is typical of oil based pomades. How shiny your hair will look is largely dependent on the sheen of the pomade you use. For instance, matte pomades provide less shine and are especially suited for hair that is too greasy.

On the other hand, sheen pomades provide more shine for very dry hair. To get a balance it sometimes required that both kinds of pomades are mixed together; but this is not needed with the imperial barber classic mode and it is formulated with a moderate sheen.

Cruelty free

Furthermore, the imperial barber classic pomade is cruelty free. This means that the product is animal friendly. There are various reasons why you may wish to use cruelty free products. The most common reason often sited has to do this with animal cruelty; on the other hand there are many persons who do not wish to use cosmetic products that are derived from animals.

But apart from those animal related reasons, vegan products are also better for your health since they are formulated from purely natural ingredients; and are therefore, non-allergic.

Sulfate and Lanolin Free

It is now an established fact that pomades which contain sulphates are dangerous. For instance, using sulphate-containing pomades can cause you hair to lose its natural fats. This would cause the hair the hair and scalp to be very dry; and worse still, the damage caused by sulphates cannot be reversed. In addition to causing the hair to loose moisture, sulphates can also cause the hair to lose its natural color.

On the other hand, pomades which contain lanolin oil that is got from wool can cause serious reactions to people who have sensitive skin.

Rinses and cleans easily

Lastly, the imperial barber classic pomade is easy to wash out from the hair when one wishes to do so. Unlike oil based products that usually require special degreasing shampoos to wash out, this pomade can be washed out with just water. It can also be reactivated with water.


· Is this product suitable for fine hair? – YES

· Does it cover grey hair? – NO


We started our discussion on the imperial barber classic pomade by stating that it is the first choice pomade for the vast majority of Americans. We also went further to examine the reason for this popularity—which we can simply conclude to be quality. But in all, we showed that this product was formulated to meet the needs of consumers that hitherto had not been met by other products.

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We hope you found this review helpful in choosing your pomade! Be sure to check out our other reviews like our Dapper Dan Review! And be sure to check out the home page!

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